Last Thursday evening I got up off my ass and went for a run. I had decided that morning that the day would be a rest day. I had done a Sprint session on the Tuesday and a full body resistance session on the Wednesday and by Thursday morning I was still very sore.

Once I finished work on Thursday, I settled in to a night on the couch in order to go again on the Friday. However, I fell into a YouTube black-hole. YouTube is a clever fucker too, it´s designed to keep you engaged. However, YouTube didn´t count on David Goggins.

A few short Goggins videos later, my mind had been made up. I was going for a run. How far? I didn´t yet know. I´ve been doing 10kms of late but struggling to get the time down. My target is sub 40 minutes but I´m way off (45-47mins) so I´ve been told I need to run further distances.

With this in mind, I mapped out a rough route in my mind that I thought would be about 16km, I was a bit shorter but I managed to squeeze out some extra KMs and I finished after 18km. This is the furthest I have ever run and was happy about that although the time was not great, around 5.10m/km.

I would love to get my sub40 10km by the end of 2020 but I´m not sure how realistic that is as my main focus is resistance training, specifically trying to get to 10 pull ups, (don´t even ask!).

Anyway, so whats the point of the riveting story I hear you ask? Next time you need a little bit of inspiration to stop being lazy, listen to David Goggins…

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