Round 12: Magic v Pelicans. THIS IS A FIRST!! Every now and then you’re reminded of terrible things. Sometimes it your team losing in the final, or the time you fell and hurt yourself as a kid. Sometimes you’re reminded that no matter what, life has a dark side. That’s what doing this video reminded me of when seeing both these teams jerseys.

They’ve both let themselves down badly. I’m not even angry, just disappointed.

Someone on YouTube once said, ‘we need more pinstripes on basketball jerseys’. That person is dead to me now. The Orlando Magic have pinstripes, but the only magic in Orlando’s jersey is how the designer still has a job.

As for the Pelicans, they we’re up against it due to their name, but their jersey didn’t help. New Orleans might be the wild west, or not, but no need for that font!

In case you missed Round 11, check it our here. Check out what started me on my journey to of the NBA Basketball World Cup here.

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