Round 11: Heat v Grizzlies. This was a big round for me, anyone who’s followed my on YouTube (30 subscribers, kind of a big deal…) knows my chequered past with Miami Heat, but I held it together like the pro I am to deliver another great jedgment of jerseys!

If you’re like me you have never been to Miami, but you picture it as being women rollerblading everywhere, Scarface and 80’s neon lights. Turns out, that’s not far off, not that I would know. But Miami aren’t packing any Heat with this offering, compared to previous versions, this is very boring.

I’d love to go walking in Memphis, but not if there are Grizzlies on the lose! Whether or not Grizzly Adams had a beard is not the question, the question is, is this bland jersey better that the Heats poor show??

In case you missed Round 10, check it our here. Check out what started me on my journey to of the NBA Basketball World Cup here.

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