Round 10: Hornets v Rockets. Getting to the business end of the preliminary rounds (have you noticed how I’m making this up as I go??!) and today we’ve got two heavyweights. Not heavyweights in the sense that they are good teams, how would I know that? But heavyweights in the sens ethat they both have nice jerseys, but only one can go through…

Sometimes it happens, you’re on the and you think you know where you’re going. But sometimes, that road you think you know, ends up taking you to a completely different place. The Charlotte Hornets lead me down the investigation of the century. Does Michael Jordan actually own the team? Does he design their jerseys? Does he even know who they are? None of these questions are answered by me, but I do like the jersey.

As for Houston Rockets, it’s time for blast off. Destination? Home. The Rockets have a good jersey but they were up against MJ… I think. And on that alone, there’s only one winner.

In case you missed Round 9, check it our here. Check out what started me on my journey to of the NBA Basketball World Cup here.

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