At we wanted to make sure we follow through on our resolutions, so what better way than to post our January 2020 Fitness Blog?

The great thing about putting something like a fitness blog out there is it it create a level of accountability that just wouldn’t be their otherwise.


So the plan for January 2020 is a little misleading, as the mid term objectives are as follows;

  • 10 pull ups by end of March (starting from 1 🙁 )
  • Reduce body fat from 17% to 14% by end of March
  • Handstand by December 2020

The only equpiment I have is a pull up station (Pull Up Mate) and cheap skipping rope from Decathlon (also have a road bike but this is a hoppy, not part of fitness plan).

I’m no fitness expert so my approach will be a little unorthodox. Training four times a week, when I will do as many pull ups as I can (max out pull ups then start on Australian pulls ups using wide, normal and narrow grips). If I’m too tired for pull ups then I’ll do push ups. Lots of sit ups and variations of sit ups and finally I will do 1,000 skips of a jump rope every Monday – Friday.

I’m not worried about my lower body as I tend to do a little bit of bodyweight squatting every day when training.


Finally, diet. I won’t be doing any special diet rather just be making smarter decisions. The one big difference in January is no alcohol, but I drank enough over Christmas to keep Diageo in business for another 1,000 years so it will invariable even out!

Examples of better decision making:

  • Less carbs
  • Better quality meat
  • More veg
  • Less snacking

So that’s it, I will keep this post updated as regularly as possible. Don’t be afraid to give me shit and call me stupid for my approach in the comment section below!


*UPDATE January 2020 Fitness Blog* On Day 2, he pulled his calf muscle, pathetic…

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