The Germans are known as being very efficient. That stereotype, true or not, can be highlighted by how the Bundesliga is the first Elite league to return to action amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. While this is great news for football fans, the question is, to watch or not?

Bundesliga will have more fans tuning in then ever before. It has zero competition, this is the greatest opportunity to grow the league on an international scale it will ever have. But this author won´t be watching.

What will I be doing instead? Shaving my little bit of head hair as well as my beard ensuring I look like an overgrown baby. Cleaning the house. YouTube black hole. Exercise… maybe.

I love football and the Bundesliga does it well, so I hear. They have big teams and big players, but the stadiums will be empty and I only know the players for Bayern and Dortmund.

As much as that shouldn´t be an issue, it really is. I want to know the players on the pitch. I want to know about the sub plots;

which managers don´t get on,

what are the derbies,

who is the Roy Keane, Gerrard or Kante?

Let´s face it, I´m an old dog and I don´t want to learn new tricks, even if I could.

But don´t let my stuckinthemud ways influence how you send your Saturday afternoon. The fact is, the Bundesliga is the most attended league in the world, surpassing the Premier League. The fans are known across the world as being both passionate and loyal to the virtues of the gentleman’s game.

The league is full of young stars such as Jadon Sancho, Gio Reyna, Josh Sargent and Joshua Zirkzee as well as old heads like Robert Lewandowski, Mats Hummels and Mario Gomez (maybe I know more players than I thought!).

If you do decide to tune in, you can check out what channel will be showing the games here.

Viel gluck!


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